PSAI - Professional Scuba Association International.

  Dating back to 1962, the Professional Scuba Association International (PSAI) was the first internationally recognised agency to establish training guidelines for extended range recreational diving, what has now become known as technical diving. The PSAI approach to training is not about “lets be the biggest” and pushing numbers through, but on maintaining high quality instruction and real world diving that takes forward the Golden Triangle ethos of Knowledge, Integrity and Safety.  

ITDA- International Technical Diving Agency


The ITDA International Technical Diving Agency began in 1996 and was formally established as a business in 1998 in the United States and was moved to Europe in 1999. It has grown worldwide rapidly since 1998 with Instructors and Dive Centre's in over 30 Countries. Based in the Canary Is. Servicing, Europe the Middle East and Africa. From 2004 the ITDA UK was formed to service growing business in the UK. Covering: Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England. The business development was so rapid that the UK was established as World HQ

The ITDA Group Worldwide are committed to two objectives: 1. To train divers to the highest possible standards and to limit certifications to personal ability and personal comfort factor with skills and safety training. 2. To reduce the overall level and numbers of diving accidents through higher standards of diver training and limiting certifications to abilities (As above). We will fail students and Deny Instructors "Teaching Status" if Standards are not or cannot be met! 2nd Best is NOT Acceptable... Our Divers and Instructors MUST be Safe & Competent.


PADI - Professional Association of Diving Instructors

  The worlds largest Sport Diving training Agency. Whether it is trying diving for the first time on a tropical reef whilst on vacation or donning a dry suit for a dive in mid winter in a cold British quarry. Padi has a course that will develop and grow your diving skill enjoyment and imagination.