The Megalodon is Innerspace Systems flagship product, a variable volume mixed gas closed circuit rebreather used by recreational and technical divers worldwide.

Course Prerequisite.

5 - 7 day course with a minimum of 500 minutes of in water time

Minimum age 18

Must hold Adv Nitrox rating or equivalent recognised rating, or Adv Nitrox and Deco procedures

Must be able to produce proof of 100 logged dives if SCR qualified these dives will count for 2 logged dives

Course over view.

Minimum 12 hours classroom and practical work

Minimum 120 minutes of confined water training

Minimum 380 minutes of open water training

If successful at the end of the class certification will be offered to a maximum depth of 40 mtrs if Adv Nitrox qualified and a maximum depth of 45mtrs if qualified in Decompresion procedures.

Megalodon Cross-Over Courses

This program is designed to train qualified CCR users with a significant amount of experience on another CCR. (I.e. not just done their course).

Must be a PSAI CCR Diver or equivalent with 30 dives minimum on the previous CCR. (Proof of this will be required in logs or downloads from your computer). To do a crossover one dive must have been within 45 days of the course.

This program is only for full electronic CCR’s, e.g. Inspiration, Evolution, Mark 15 Series, CIS Lunar, Prism e.t.c. If you are coming from manual CCR experience then a full end user course will be required.

Program Content and limits:

 Complete a minimum of 210 minutes of in water training, with a confined water session and at least 1 open water dive to the maximum depth you are qualified to at present. However, my program is usually around 500 minutes, over 3 days.

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